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10 Reasons Communication Brings Transformation: Unleash Your Greatness

By Janette M. Braverman

Non Fiction

10 Reasons Book + Workbook

By Janette M. Braverman

10 Reasons Workbook

By Janette M. Braverman

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“A great read for all leaders!”

Your Favorite Part of the Book

Every one is a leader in some way so “10 Reasons Communication Brings Transformation” is truly applicable to all. The book is full of actionable steps and supporting stories without the fluff. It’s an easy but powerful read that everyone can find some value in. Janette says it best, “…improving your communication skills covers so many areas of your life. It’s critical to the success of any leader… These ten reasons are a great start!” I encourage you to check it out, you won’t be disappointed!
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Matthew Behrens

Vice President, Sr. Product Manager – Employee Segment, US Bank

Your Favorite Part of the Book
How you were bold enough to incorporate Gods with into the business sector.
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Rochelle Glover

US Bank

Letter to the Author

It was reassuring to reread “10 Reasons Communication Brings Transformation”. Reading is one of my favorite tools for effective communication. In my career and building relationships, it is important to reference practical insight surrounding communication. Your book provided just what the communication doctor ordered, insight when accomplishing goals.

I particularly enjoyed reading about “Mind Wandering”. You identified one of the most critical components in effective communication. As you mentioned in your book, “most people in the room have something else on their minds”. As a Human Resources Representative, I am driven to clarification of a topic before moving forward with any discussion. I typically prepare discussions with the intent to bring presence to the room. Great advice!

Your book has provided a good source of direction when effectively communicating, I love how the book is layered with Christian values. The interviewing of Sr. Pastor Jason Webb, from Elm Brook Church regarding his communication strategy was that aligned with growth in attendance.

Your book is inspirational and helps align one’s personal journey as it aligns with methods of communication. It serves as a personal investment for years to come. The necessary steps are included in becoming successful while on a personal journey, whatever that may look like. I was “wowed” when the topic arose about managing emotions. In leadership I have been challenged in this area, but I am so grateful to have the tool as a reference to continue to persevere.

I recommend this book to women that are starting anew, in careers, marriage, relationships, public speaking and everyday opportunities to effectively communicate. It’s a great reference when navigating toward driven results. I loved it! It’s my favorite go to .

Social media has played a significant role in communication, I can’t wait for a part II from your inspiration to my eye gates. Next book please.

Thank you so much for this inspirational composition.

Trina Jackson

Milwaukee Public Schools

Great read on how to lead with heart!

I enjoyed the author’s brevity and clear writing style. She has gleaned bits of wisdom from her years of business and church leadership and sets them out in chapters that are honest and action-oriented. I specifically appreciated her willingness to show vulnerability and write about her personal growth experience through transitions in her personal and professional life. Good read for business or church leaders or anyone who wants to better their communication effectiveness!

Sherrill Knezel

Graphic Recorder/Educator, Meaningful Marks

I couldn’t put it down!

I started reading this book and couldn’t put it down, a key focus was on following through and I will often get started on a book and not have time to complete it, today was the start of a new chapter for me and you need to check it out!! Completed all of it and it was done well!! It reinforced some strategies that I strongly believe in and gave some really practical formulas to implement into use for Leaders and Lay Members!! Great Job Janette Braverman!

Tammy Saffold


Awesome and Life Changing!

10 Reasons Communication Brings Transformation is the ultimate guide for leaders and non leaders alike! If you communicate with people everyday (as we all do) you will benefit from this book. Providing biblical principles to make our communication more effective and helping to improve relationships by building the credibility of others.

Rochelle Voss

Great read for the soul-searching leader!

I appreciated the honesty of the author’s self discovery journey, as embracing (much less sharing) the feedback we receive from others is hard to do. I very much related to the “Who Am I” question, as life moves fast–and we must always question whether we are continuing to be our best, both to ourselves and to others. Braverman asks a lot of great soul-searching questions, and I think readers will admire and be inspired by how much change she successfully made in her life.

Leslie DiMartini