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Leaders Leaving Legacies provides services that help leaders and organizations realize their potential and make an everlasting impact. Whether you are going through a transition, determining your growth strategies, or require in-depth financial or organizational analysis, we are ready to provide you the right level of service to meet your custom needs.

We provide the following services to non-profit, for profit organizations, business professionals, and entrepreneurs. Big or small, we’re here for you!

  • Vision/strategy development & planning
  • Business transformation and growth – Industries: Information Technology, Marketing, Manufacturing, Engineering, Higher Education, Nonprofit
  • Organizational Program Assessments
  • Organizational Technology Assessments
  • Taking your ERG to the next level – Become a business resource and “not just a support group!”
  • Support for business professionals and entrepreneurs with for-profit or non-profit businesses
  • Fundraising for nonprofits
  • Board establishment and governance (government, for profit, non-profit)
  • P&L | operational leadership guidance
  • ESG advancement
  • Talent development/succession planning
  • Women owned business certification guidance
  • Educational leadership/college accreditation
  • Fractional leadership

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training

Has your company recently hired a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion leader yet you've made little progress implementing an effective strategy? Are you experiencing challenges with organizational change or corporate leaders struggling to adopt and execute DEI initiatives? Leaders Leaving Legacies offers customized training courses exclusively for your organization's needs.

Embracing Diversity is a personal choice.

- Janette M. Braverman

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching is a process to help leaders enhance individual and organizational results by focusing on the “how” of their leadership vs. the “what.” I enjoy guiding leaders through the process of self discovery including pivoting into new industries.

Discovering yourself could be the best thing to ever happen to you.

– Janette M. Braverman

Leadership Development Training

Leadership training courses can be customized for your organizational needs. Check out my articles on specifically for leaders. I have the pleasure of coaching leaders across the globe.

Training for new and seasoned entrepreneurs is also available. Learn how to establish, run and launch your business. See website development services available to help you take off!

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.  

– Paulo Coelho

Website Development

Need a website? Our plans are designed for new or seasoned entrepreneurs and business professionals, including consulting services that educate you on exactly what you need for your business.

Websites designed with your brand in mind.

– Janette M. Braverman


Leadership Development Training & Coaching

For Entrepreneurs, Executives, Mid-level Managers and Teams

Training for Entrepreneurs 

  • What You Need to Know About Starting A Business
  • Building your Business Model
  • Developing Your Business Forecast

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training Courses

Setup a consultation to learn about more courses

  • How Women of Color can Advocate for themselves in the Workplace
  • How to Retain Diverse Talent
  • Creating a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy that Works
  • Black History and Black Joy

Professional Development Courses:

  • How to Increase Trust in Yourself
  • How to Develop Trust Across Your Organization
  • Developing Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile
  • Building Your Network
  • Communicating for Results
  • Knowing Your Audience

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the ability to manage one’s own emotions and help others to manage theirs. It is the ingredient that separates a successful leader from the rest.

Based on extensive research at Harvard University, EI has been proven to be an even stronger contributor to leadership success than IQ and technical skills combined. This skill is sorely needed by leaders across the globe.

Partnering with Leaders Leaving Legacies will empower your leaders with tools to be successful in these areas and more. Leaders have to first be aware of who they are in order to make an impact on others. They also have to be effective communicators in order to excel in any of the below areas. Communication packaged with EI = Success!

Learn more about our courses and coaching opportunities!

Partnering with a coach includes the following:

  • Performing an assessment of the leader’s skills based on input from an evaluation process
  • Creating a practical and specific action plan to develop and enhance critical leadership skills
  • Scheduling ongoing coaching and support sessions to provide guidance either by phone, virtual or in-person sessions
  • Achieving improved personal, professional and organizational results
  • Utilizing methodologies to track leadership growth
  • Throughout the process, the appropriate stakeholders and resources are engaged to provide further support as needed

Web Development Services

High-End Designs Connect with us today!

Sites for Businesses

Curriculum Vitae & Portfolio Sites 

College students receive 40% off portfolio or resume sites (ID required).

Author | Consulting Sites

eCommerce | Wholesale Ordering Sites

Website Development Packages

High-end Designs




(Startups, Portfolios, CVs, Brand Revamps)

 1 Yr. Domain Registration

1 Yr. Privacy Protection

WordPress Installation

WordPress Template / Customization

Mobile Responsive

Up to 5 Web Pages



(Startups, Brand Revamps, Product Sales)

1 Yr. Domain Registration

1 Yr. Privacy Protection

WordPress Installation

Email Account

Web Design & Customization Services

Mobile Responsive

Basic SEO

eCommerce/Online Sales

Up to 9 Web Pages 



(Startups, Brand Revamps, Product Sales)

1 Yr. Domain Registration 

1 Yr. Privacy Protection

WordPress Installation

Email Accounts

Install Plugins/Integrations

Web Design & Customization Services

Mobile Responsive


eCommerce/Online Sales

Site Administration

15+ Web Pages

Quotes will be provided including the above functionality and will be based on final user requirements. Please complete the Website Development Questionnaire or contact us for further information and to setup a meeting.

Monthly Hosting and Maintenance prices are not included in the above packages.

Website Maintenance & Support Packages

  • You’ll have questions monthly or even quarterly after your website launch. It makes it much easier to provide help quickly when we have an established website maintenance package in place.
  • Having dedicated website maintenance ensures a quick turnaround for billing and/or other site related questions.  These conversations happen as part of the website development process.
  • Estimates are provided for existing websites according to site needs and requirements.
  • Monthly packages ranging from $39.99 up per month are more reasonable rates and are estimated based on total hours required per site maintenance each month including content and product management, and support (eCommerce/Online Sales with more than 100 products will be on the higher end).
  • Time and materials rates range from $250+ per hour.
  • This process works well for everyone involved! Please contact us for further information.

Included with Monthly Packages


Content Management

Contact us and we will help you keep your site up to date with the latest content on a regular basis.


Back Ups & Restoration

We avoid data loss by running ongoing site back ups.


Hosting, email and SSL certificates are provided to all of our clients.

Performance Monitoring

Monitoring your website is a priority. We make sure it is loading quickly.

Software Updates

We won't let your software run on old versions. It is always updated to the latest versions so your site will run efficiently.

Uptime Monitoring

We’ll monitor your site 24/7 for downtime and server issues.