“Our Saturday morning keynote speaker, Janette Braverman, from our very own District RCoMMA shared with us insights from her hot off the press newly published book 10 Reasons Communications Brings Transformation: Unleash your Greatness. To hear some of the attendees share, ‘that was just what I needed to hear as I was struggling to figure out my next steps’, was priceless.”

Julie Craig

Former District Governor, Rotary District 6270

Janette delivered an inspiring message to the emerging leading ladies at our church with enthusiasm and passion.  She shared her journey of success with a compelling leadership vision that inspired our ladies to dream big and persevere toward their destinies. I am still hearing testimonies from women of how her message changed their lives and released them from discouragement and empowered them to believe beyond their current circumstances. Her leadership principles are cutting edge and her influence is invaluable.  I definitely will continue to ask Janette to impart her wisdom and experience to our women on a regular basis.

Yolanda James

Pastor and Founder, Changing Lives Ministries, Racine, WI