Greetings All!

The past few months have be productive! I was absolutely humbled and honored to have been chosen as the keynote speaker for U.S. Bank’s global Business Resource Group Event on Monday, September 18th. They welcomed me with open arms.

I truly applaud U.S. Bank for being courageous enough to fully embrace diversity. Their mission is evident, and they made my message, “Embracing Diversity: A Selfless Choice” easy to deliver.

I’m happy to have been part of an innovative event that contributed directly to executing upon the goals of their mission. And, they were generous enough to support my new jewelry line that will contribute to training for women in need. More to come! This was a soft launch. However, if you’d like to learn more and check out our store, please refer to further information below. The store is now open!

I’d also like to extend special thanks to Matthew Behrens, Gina Sorenson, the Board, as well as all those who were responsible for organizing the event. The rave reviews I’ve received to-date via email, LinkedIn posts, and messages, have warmed my heart.

I am also grateful to U.S. Bank for choosing my book for their book club last month. Most importantly, I’m overjoyed by the fact that my book has impacted the lives of so many employees – the primary reason I wrote the book! I am excited about our future and am looking forward to a flourishing partnership.

As I shared with the group, keep being fearless, magnanimous, and openhanded! Embracing diversity requires selflessness, which means setting your personal cares aside, and using your time and energy for something or someone greater than yourself.

Leaders LeadUp™!

Janette M. Braverman, Founder & CEO
Leaders Leaving Legacies™

The event photos can be accessed on our Leaders LeadUp™ Events page.